Autonomous Navigation

Module 2



Topic Checkpoints
State Machines & Bug Navigation [Lecture Video, Slides] Super Mario State Machine
Coordinate Frames [Lecture Video, Slides] P2.1: Robot Hits the Spot
Odometry [Lecture Video, Slides]  

Guides & Tutorials

The following guides and tutorials will be helpful for completing the checkpoints for this module and Project 2.

  1. Robot Quick Start: Getting up and running using your robot.
  2. GitHub: We will use GitHub to store all of the code for this course.
  3. Programming the Robot: You can program your robot from your computer using VSCode.
  4. The MBot Bridge API: You will use these functions to read data from your robot and control it.
  5. MBot Debugging Guide: Something not working? Check out these debugging tips first!

Checkpoint: Super Mario State Machine

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