Learn how to code by making robots navigate autonomously!

Hello, Robot! Introduction to AI and Programming is a course about autonomous navigation algorithms for mobile robots. Students are introduced to the foundations of AI and programming by implementing algorithms for autonomous omni-drive robots.

Students in the course will complete projects throughout the semester which provide exposure to foundational concepts in autonomous decision making, including:

  • Controlling an omni-drive robot,
  • Reading and processing robot sensor data,
  • Wall following using feedback control,
  • Local navigation using finite state machines,
  • Pathfinding using graph search algorithms,
  • Image classification using machine learning.

This course is offered as Robotics 102 at the University of Michigan and is a new course being offered as part of the emerging Michigan Robotics Undergraduate Program. The course is also offered at other institutions as part of a Distributed Teaching Collaborative.

Current Course Offerings

  • Morehouse College, Winter 2024 (ROB 102)

Past Course Offerings


Prof. Chad Jenkins
University of Michigan

ocj [at] umich [dot] edu

Jana Pavlasek
University of Michigan

pavlasek [at] umich [dot] edu